You deserve to feel great, sound can help!


Sit In Sound

I recently recorded a short Sit In Sound experience. I recommend listening with headphones and closing your eyes. Before pressing play take a view deep inhales and exhales and then set an intention. What do you want from your Sit In Sound experience? A few common intentions are to rest, relax, release, heal, and so on. Enjoy

Binaural Beats

Cory Allen is a composer and mastering engineer living in Austin, Texas. His music focuses on bringing the listener into a deeply restful state of being which allows for a decrease in stress and an increase in joy and love.  To gain the full benefit of this meditative music please listen with closed eyes and headphones.

"Our brainwaves change in speed based on what we’re experiencing in life. When we’re resting, our brain enters a slow Theta state. When we’re bouncing around the office completing daily tasks, our brain enters a faster Beta state. We don’t naturally have control of our brainwave states, but binaural beats can help brainwaves shift into optimal states. "   - Cory Allen

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Original Artwork by Jason Brammer

Sound Meditation

"I consider disease, whether of the physical or spiritual realm, to be a form of disharmony.  But through the mechanism of entrainment, we can use a variety of techniques - playing bowls or other musical instruments - to open and deepen and breath and restore our body to a state of harmony, and reunite our spirit with our essence...  All the systems of our body - muscular, nervous, respiratory, and circulatory - are meant to operate according to a set rhythm...  Sound waves may entrain the human organism - causing us to vibrate in resonance with those waves.  Entrainment may alter our energetic states, leading to physiologic transformations, often very subtle.  Sonic entrainment can affect us emotionally, which can thus influence us on a cellular level."  -  Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D. 

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